dHealth 2019 – Programme – Funding and Promoting of Digital Health Research

Workshop 3.2 - Funding and Promoting of Digital Health Research

Tuesday, May 28th 2019, 14:00-15:30

Session Chair:
Dirk Holste, AIT, Austria

Funding Initiatives for Digital Health Research

The Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft together with its research partners Medical University of Vienna and University Hospital Salzburg had developed and started to implement the entire Open Innovation in Science Process (OIS) under its initial project “Digital Health Meets Societal Needs – Transforming Health System into a Patient-Centered World”. The project should fully unfold the research potential in two areas that have been identified as highly relevant in current digital health and personalized medicine developments in the context of the Austrian research landscape in the field: “How to support positive health behaviour for cardiovascular disease patients in a sustainable way?”; and “How to provide digital solutions in health ecosystems, i.e. patients, families, and providers, to deal with patient-safety issues and health literacy in a patient-centric way”.

Anna Pilicheva

Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft - LBG Open Innovation in Science Center





Thomas Stütz

Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Digital Health in Salzburg






European Research Funding for Digital Health

Digital Health is a key priority on European level. In this presentation, current funding opportunities on European level will be shown, focusing mainly on Horizon 2020 and related programmes, but with an outlook on the future programme Horizon Europe. Examples of successful projects will also be described.

Astrid Hoebertz

FFG – European and International Programmes