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Insides of Active and Healthy Ageing – Reference Sites


The European Innovation Partnership in Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA) is an initiative launched by the European Commission to foster innovation and digital transformation in the field of active and healthy ageing. The concept of a European Innovation Partnership (an EIP) is of a partnership that can help strengthen EU research and innovation. A partnership brings together all the relevant actors at EU, national and regional levels across different policy areas to handle a specific societal challenge and involve all the innovation chain levels. Active and healthy ageing is a societal challenge shared by all European countries, but also an opportunity. It is a chance for Europe to establish itself as a global leader that is capable of providing innovative solutions. The EIP on AHA aims to promote healthy and active ageing. Its overarching target is to increase the average healthy lifespan of EU citizens by 2 years by the year 2020.
Reference sites are regions, cities, integrated hospitals or care organisations that focus on a comprehensive, innovation-based approach to active and healthy ageing. They offer concrete examples of their positive impact on active and healthy ageing. Reference Sites demonstrate synergies between different actions, breakthrough solutions within a short time frame, and the added value of taking a holistic approach. Styria is the first and only Austrian reference area for active and healthy aging within the “European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA)” with 74 reference regions. As active and healthy aging combined with a long and smoothly lifespan is a wish of all of us, the Styrian government aims to make this wish true using various approaches.
The cluster association Styria as Innovation Hot Spot wants to develop new ideas, new products, and services that help us to facilitate the elderly life. That will be achieved through an optimized collaboration of the main players from the government (regional government, communities, hospitals, social insurance), research institutions, as well as companies active in health economics, medical technologies, pharma, and biotech.


Reference Site Styria – New developments over the last two years

Johann Harer

General Manager at Human.technoloy Styria GmbH


The benefits of collaboration – Reference Site Collaborative Network

Elaine Colgan

Member of the Reference Site Collaborative Network (RSCN) Executive Board
Head of ehealth and European Engagement, Department of Health, Belfast

Northern Netherlands: Healthy Coalition towards a Healthy Environment

Daan Bultje

Director of Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands (HANNN)


Challenges and opportunities in the digital era.
Subtitle: About Region Skånes digitalisation

Dolores Öhmann

Deputy Governor of Region Skåne and Chairperson for the consultation board on e-health in the Region Skåne.


Katharina Weinzerl

Business Development, Styria GmbH